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All you need to know about Miami

Miami is one of the most outstanding cities for tourism and is world-renowned for the endless activities you can do there. And there are also things you should know when renting a car in this incredible city. Here we tell you everything you need to know about Miami:

What to do in Miami

Miami is a beautiful city with a warm tropical climate and thousands of activities for all its visitors. Whether you want to stay in the town or explore the surrounding areas, you will always find activities to make the most of your stay and visit in Miami.

Get to know South Beach, Miami's most famous beach. Discover the beautiful Art Deco buildings while walking the city streets and enjoy a day of shopping at Bayside Marketplace.

If you plan to visit Miami surroundings, visit Disney World Resort in Orlando, Everglades National Park, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and let be amazed by each of these great sites.


Transportation in Miami can be a bit complicated due to a large amount of traffic in the city. Booking a conventional transportation service can be up to three times more complex and time-consuming than any other. The most popular method of transportation is Miami Car Rental.

In agencies such as Car Rental Miami, you can find prices starting at $33 per day.

How to Rent a Car in Miami

Renting a Car in Miami is an easy task, especially if you do it before traveling to your destination. Find the best car rental agency in Miami Airport and enjoy the freedom you will have to go from one place to another.

Getting cheap car rental rates will be easy if you choose agencies that include insurance and taxes in their prices. Don't be fooled by Car Rental Miami agencies that promise prices as low as $1 USD.

When renting a car in Miami, you should take into account the following:

How much does it cost to Rent a Car in Miami?

Vehicle Category Price Per Day (USD) Price Per Week (USD)
Rent an Economy Car in Miami $30 $210
Rent a Compact Car in Miami $95 $665
Rent a Standard Car in Miami $130 $910
Rent a Full-Size Car in Miami $115 $805
Rent a Compact SUV in Miami $125 $105
Rent a Passenger Vehicle in Miami $150 $1050

Miami Car Rental rates are shown in Dollars* Prices may vary*